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Final Poll Results

Well, the poll results are now final with a rousing 10 total votes.  Here are the results:

Tied for 3rd Place – Yearbook cover for 1971 and 1973 (with 1 vote each)

2nd Place – Yearbook cover for 1972 (with 3 votes)

1st Place – Yearbook cover for 1974 (with 5 votes)

I did find out recently that the person who designed the cover for the Yearbook in 1972 was our very own talented Tris Bovich Caserio.  If anyone has any input on where the other designs came from that would be very interesting.

Thanks to those who particpated.


Yearbook Covers – You Pick the Best

Here are the four yearbook covers from our four years at Sacred Heart.  Using the poll above, you select your favorite.








Trivia II

Another fact that I found out recently, was that we graduated on Sunday, June 2, 1974

Mostly, what I remember from that day is bringing up the rear of the line with Denise Waldecker.  We just didn’t have enough guys to make the two lines match.  I didn’t even think I was tall enough to be at the end of the line.   Must have been the platform shoes.  Oh and the shoes were white.  I know it was after Easter and all, but I don’t think I’ve worn white shoes since that day.  Ugh.  I also recall it was a warm sunny day and that I got a run in my stockings.  The things you remember. 

What do you remember from that day?  Any memories that you’d like to share?


Good Day Everyone.  Some progress has been made for our 35th reunion.  Please mark August 1, 2009 on your calendar.    The venue has been reserved, but all the remaining arrangements are still in process.  More information will follow. 

Please go to the “Give Us Your Info” page and send us your email and address using the comment link.  (Please note addresses won’t be published on this blog.  The information will only be used to update the mailing list database.)

Looking forward to seeing you all…soon.

Trivia I

by Linda

I also recently found my 1st Communion prayer book.  It’s binding is rather beaten up after all these years, but I still love the picture of the front.  It pleased me then, it pleases me now.  Scribbled inside were a couple facts that I had completely forgotten.  For those of you who went to Sacred Heart for grade school or Catechism…we made our 1st Communion on April 26, 1964.  In addition, we were Confirmed on March 1, 1966.  I would never have remembered this had I not taken in hand, so many years ago, a thick blue marker and written it down in my prayer book.  How organized I was in my early years.  Too bad it did stick.

Soccer Team??

by Linda

This past week, I brought up the bin where I keep a bunch of my high school memorabilia, including our yearbooks. This provided numerous opportunities for my family to laugh at me, including my son telling me I looked like a pixie when I was a freshmen. Looking at my picture, he might just be right. I’m going to blame that hair cut on my mom or Twiggy.

Going through our senior yearbook, I came across the page highlighting the “Roland Morency Soccer Team”. I had completely forgot about this and had myself a good chuckle looking at the pictures. Still don’t know how they got Mr. Danna to go along with this. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Soccer Team Write-Up1st Team2nd TeamStatsOh, nice pants Ray!

by Linda

Arranged to have our Website/Blog link put up on the Sacred Heart Parish website.  It’s kind of buried in there, under the “Community” section (I think), but at least it’s there and maybe we’ll get a hit or two from it.  Just so you know, we aren’t the only class with a website.  The Class of 1964 has their website link posted as well.  So I guess we aren’t as technical savvy as I thought, cause they are like way older then us.