Parish Hall

We have reserved the Parish Hall for our reunion.  It is a new building located directly behind the church.  As part of our planning meeting, we got to check out the venue.  I apologize in advance for the lousy pictures.  I’m not a very good photographer and my camera isn’t what it should be for posting images on the web.  (I am saving up for one though.)

Parish Hall Entrance

Parish Hall Entrance

Inside the Parish Hall

Inside the Parish Hall

If you haven’t been back to Sacred Heart in a while, you will be surprised by all the changes.  What once was an alley is now a lovely courtyard.  Here’s a shot of the courtyard.  Too bad it’s not a little later in the season with flowers planted.



Since I don’t know how to turn off the date thingy on my camera, you now have real proof that we were there on Tuesday.  (Hope that helps Zy!)


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