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Announcement Correction!

You will all probably be receiving the Reunion Announcement in the mail today or tomorrow. Seems in my formating changes, I inadvertently deleted an important number from Mary Jo’s address. Here is her correct address:

Mary Jo Ward
14170 Crosley
Redford, MI 48239

Please make note of this and sorry about the inconvenience.



More Missing Addresses

In addition to the classmates who’s Save the Date cards were returned with no forwarding address, we have a list of alumni without any addresses at all. If you can help find these people, please comment back.

Victor Alvarez
Cathy Devost Pilla
Gerry Foisie
Sharon MacDonnell
Diane Moore Marshall
Karen Moore
Candy Steakley
Karen Tate
Cass Trescott Dufrin
Mike Wortman

Please help if you can.

Memory Test #2

teacherSo…who was your most memorable teacher. If you were a Sacred Heart lifer…you can pick someone from elementary school as well. Any teacher inspire you, guide you. Or maybe just one of the nuns who was so crazy you will never forget them. Add a comment and let us know.

We need your help!

We had several “Save the Date” cards come back to us without any forwarding addresses. Can anyone help us find:
o Catherine Powers
o Ron Plunkett
o Bud Topkin
o Pat Sitko
o Charlene Andrus Vasquez

We are also interested in contacting former classmates that may not have completed their education at SHS.

Add a comment to this post if you have any info and I’ll get in touch with you.


The Reunion Info!

The information for our 35th reunion is now posted under the Reunion Information page link, located on the left. Let us know if you have any questions.

The Reunion Committee