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Current Count and Other Thoughts

Well, we are now up to 39 attendees with a few people paying at the door.  Gave this number to the caterer today.  Thanks to everyone for RSVPing.  It really helps when you are planning an event like this.

Talked to Fr. Child today.  He is going to stop by the reunion to say hello.

Since they moved 5:00pm Mass to 4:00pm, we didn’t incorporate a Mass into the reunion, but obviously anyone interested in attending 4:00pm Mass is welcome too.

See you all on Saturday!


Coach Harrison

We got a couple of new comments yesterday from Coach Harrison and his wife Chris. They are planning on stopping by around 9:00pm. Won’t that be great!!

Coach Harrison

Hey, Roland – Is that you edging off 3rd…trying to head for home?

Reunion Update #100,082.

Looks like we have 35 people attending the reunion.  People are coming from California, Texas and Georgia.  People are also coming from Redford, Livonia, Rochester and Dearborn.

And I can’t believe no one other than Roland had the guts to post a comment abour their first crush!

Update:  Let’s make that 36 attendees!

First Crush….

heartIn our continuing effort to tingle your school memories…anyone willing to share who their very first crush was on?  Was it in elementary school…junior high or high school.  Anyone brave enough to share?

Mine was on Mike Blum in 3rd Grade.  I think my sister was the only one who knew and she naturally teased me.

July 8…Biggest Day Yet

We had 99 clicks on this website on July 8th. That was our busiest day yet. We are fast approaching 4000 clicks since inception. So just keep on clickin’.

(You remember those silly t-shirts that said “Keep on Truckin’. It had the cartoon guy with the big feet……just googled it and found this image.





I actually think I had one of these t-shirts…in green as I recall.  Damn, I was stylin’)

RSVP Reminder

Please send in your RSVP for the reunion as soon as you can. We need to lock down food and beverages and will need to know how many are coming. Hope you can all make it.

Update List

Hi All,

We seem to be making some forward progress on finding some of our missing classmates. Here is a revised full list of people that we either have no address on or who’s announcements were returned with no forwarding information:

Charlene Andrus Vasquez (last known address – Phoeniz, AZ)
Victor Alvarez
Terese Dougherty Ruppel (last known address – Aurora, IL)
Ray Emmitt
Gerry Foisie
Dave Gacioh
Rick Harder (last known address – Dearborn, MI)
Sharon MacDonnell
Brent MacIsaac (last known address – Salinas, CA)
Diane Moore Marshall
Karen Moore
Lynne Mosey Chapman (last known address – Toledo, OH)
Pat Sitko (last known address – Walled Lake, MI)
Candy Steakley
Karen Tate
Marion (Bud) Tobkin (last known address – Lincoln Park, MI)
James Williams (last known address – Dearborn, MI)
Mike Wortman

If anyone has any information or leads on these people, please email me at as soon as possible. We really don’t want to leave anyone out.

In addition, I think we found addresses for the following people:
Mary Jo Renaud Olmstead
Scott Schaft
Joyce Swantner Bonventre
Cass Trescott Dufrin

Information about the reunion is being sent to them today, so we should know if a couple days if these addresses worked or if the letter comes bouncing back.