Blast from the Past, Part 2

After I posted the last…post, I got an email from Bob Petras.  I have also added two photos he sent as well. (Sorry I didn’t notice them in the email earlier.)  Here is his note:

While the meeting was certainly unexpected there is even a more unusual twist.  I graduated from college in 1976 and about 2 years later I met a classmate in a bank line in Detroit.  No other contacts with anyone from SHS until about 5 years ago when my wife and I were in Joe’s Produce in Livonia where we met Deb Trapp.
Fast forward five years and “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world” I get to meet you Linda.
Forty years out of high school and I meet three classmates and two of them are named “Trapp.”  I have a feeling this isn’t over yet!
Now  for the baseball…..
I’ve had many possessions over my life and most of them I have no idea where they are.  Except for this baseball.  It has never left me.  At first I kept it to remember a great event but over the years it has come to be something to help me remember the times, the great people and hope that all are doing well.
Coach Harrison – Linda was right about the picture.  When I saw it on the blog I felt so bad that I didn’t come to see you.  Your arm around someone just like you used to me…”Calm down, throw a strike, let’s get out of this and go hit…”  You probably don’t thnk that you had any influence over a bunch of 17 year old hard heads but you did.  And I assure you that my sons and the teams that I coached learned how to bunt like you taught us, how  run bases and to even “nose it.”  More importatnly they learned how to honor the game, have respect for your opponent and to have pride in ourselves…..Just like you taught us….Thanks Coach!
And for all of you, thank you for all of the great memories and lessons that I learned at SHS. As I told Linda, to a great extent we are what we are because of those days.  And event though we were dumb kids that did some pretty dumb stuff at the time, I’m still very proud of that time.
While I’m not sure that I will ever see any of you again (probably since your name isn’t Trapp!) I just want you to know that I hope that over these years God has kept you in the palm of her hand keeping you safe, happy and at peace.
Finally for you Linda, I cannot tell you have grateful I am that you allowed me to sit and talk with you those two nights.  Be assured that was a joy that I will never forget.
My best wishes, hopes and prayers to you all,

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  1. Posted by Coach Harrison on February 26, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Bob Petras…what a great surprise to hear from you…and your kind words! It is obvious that St. Mel’s and Sacred Heart serviced you well. I am proud that you have saved that ball from your no-hitter…as you know in your heart, you were a very good pitcher…you pitched the State Championship game against St. Lad’s…and remember some of your fellow pitchers…Morency, Henning, Golem and a guy named Uetz…yes, we had pitching! I remember that you would hurt Gary Ferenchick’s hand. We had some great teams…make up of great teammates…great parents…it was a lot of fun and wonderful memories. I also remember a great football game you played against Cabrini with a broken bone in your leg!! It must have been the tape job that keep you going!! As, I said to Linda Trapp, the years I spend at Sacred Heart from 1967 to 1975 serve as wonderful memories…great young people, athletes and parents…and fellow coaches…some very good people that remain my friends today.


  2. Posted by Rosemary (Gansen) O'Neill on April 18, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Linda,

    I hope you don’t mind if I tag on to your blog with


    Our SHS class of 72 is having a class reunion on June 9, 2012. Details at our reunion website: Hope you can make it!!

    Rosemary (Gansen) O’Neill


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