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A Miller’s Treat

Every August, a group of us girls get together at Miller’s for lunch when Tris comes to town.  This year, things got a little complicated and we ended up doing two lunches (I know Kate…”go ahead, twist my arm”).  On our second lunch last Wednesday…there were 6 of us.  Tris, Kate, Sue, Mary Jo, Jeannie and myself.

I was running late and when I walked in…Kate immediately pointed to the table next to us and there sat these 3 lovely gentlemen.


Coach Harrison, Coach Read and Coach Lafeve.

I always secretly hope to run into old friends and acquaintances at Miller’s, but this surprised was so very special.  We got a little chance to catch up and I was delighted to find out that we all went to Eastern for either undergrad or master degrees.  In fact Coach Harrison played football and baseball at EMU.  During our discussion he shared with us the fact that he will be inducted into the EMU Hall of Fame on September 18.  We are all so proud of you.

To see more about the induction ceremony you can go here.

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